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Collie and Sheltie base mate
More legace white factor
White puppys borned too


White parent breeding the because white factor
Major number white puppys borned
White parents borned


Sheltie bi-factored combination
More legace bi-factor
Bi-factored parents
Bi-color parent breeding the because bi-factor
Major number Bi-color puppys borned
Bi-color parents borned


The Bi-Factor combine the more legace with white factor


The Bi-Factor combine the with white factor


The Bi-Factor combine the more legace with white factor


the Bi-Factor combine the major number white puppys borned


Bi-factored white puppys borned


Merle-merle mate all Collie and Sheltie relation
Bi-factored Merle-merle mate


White merle breeding feature
Bi-factored white merle breeding feature


Dark-Sable - Merle breeding
Bi-factored Dark-Sable - Merle breeding


Dominant-sable - Merle breeding
Bi-factored Dominant-sable - Merle breeding


Special ask for process the Border Collie Color Genetics list level.
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The mate combine summary the Collie breeding base 7 combine define, the white mate, which for the time being only America limitation, still 59 combine the define, so the Collie breeding summa 66 combine exist. the Sheltie mate 282 (!) possibility the parents line-up genetical, from 27 sort of combine the base.
Though towards not full complete disclose to the possible combine, because the extreme mate my leave: as example the white-merle - blue-merle,
white-merle - gold-sable, white-merle - dark-sable, or the sable-merle - sable- merle, sable-merle - blue-merle, sable-merle - tricolor etc.
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